Lubien' Wielki #galicia


Hello Genners,

I have two relatives (my gr grandmother and gr aunt) who have the
town of Lubien' Wielki in their records. According to my gr
grandmothers' marriage record, she was born there, and my great
aunt was married there (according to the Polish records database).
Can anyone tell me the modern name for this town? I thought it
might be Wieliczka, Poland, but I'm not sure.

Thank you.

Karen Sanders
West Haven, CT


MODERATOR NOTE: A search of the JewishGen ShtetlSeeker
shows that Lubien' Wielki is now Velikiy Lyuben’, Ukraine. It is
at coordinates 4944N 2344E, 13.7 miles WSW of Lviv. See also
the JewishGen Family Finder
for the names of two more genealogists with families from
the town. We urge all JewishGenners to list their ancestral towns
and surnames in the Family Finder.

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