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I'm looking for some guidance. In looking over the original manifests >from my
mother's and her brother's and sister's arrivals to the United States I have
encountered something strange. All the brothers and sisters came here between
1906 and 1923 and they all declared different town names as the place they
were coming >from (Tuczna, Melna, Strzelicka, Przemyslany, Zyslanow and
Altsprelitz.) All the family was >from Tuczna a very small towh and only the
last brother to come to this country in 1923 put it down correctly. They were
all close by (SE of L'vov) except I couldn't find Zyslanow and Altsprelitz.
I'm wondering if anyone has heard of those 2 towns and also if anyone has any
idea why the members of one family would say different towns. Was there some
kind of a quota? Or could they have been afraid to say they came >from the
same town for some reason?
Thanks, Leonard Chernos, Fallbrook, CA

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