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I have the ship's passenger list >from Boston, which lists all of the BELIZKY
family, including a relative I never knew I had. She was 16, and her name on
the passenger list is either "JOCHWID" or "JOCHWEA." Is this a known common
name, and, since I'm trying to locate her death record, what might her
English name have been?

Also, I notice that my ancestors list their last residence as "Wien," and
yet, in later documents, they cite Cherkassy or Golotonosh. (That's not a
typo on my part.) Would they have gone to Wien and remained there for a

I notice in the "Calling or Occupation" column, the words "Servt" and "Leib"
are used several times. I'm pretty sure "Servt" doesn't mean "Servant." Any
ideas here?

I'll appreciate any help I can get.

Randy Bellet

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