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I have just joined your sig.
My paternal grandparents are >from the Ukraine. Though my grandparents left
in the 1920's for Palestine, I have lately heard of members of the
families that were killed in the Holocaust. I find no Yizkor books for
their towns - which are on today's maps.
Litin, Chmelnik, Kalinovka - they sort of form and upside down traingle -
the family names are GITNER, LULKIN, REZNIK
My grandfather took the name LULKIN when he was adopted by a family
without sons to get out of serving in the Czar's army.
Pictures of father Yerachmiel (Emil) Lulkin can be seen at
Hopefully I will find pictures of my grandparents at my cousins.

Can anyone help me? Thank you,

Rose Feldman
Tel-Aviv, Israel
GITNER/Litin, Chmelnik Ukraine
LULKIN/Litin Ukraine
REZNIK/Kalinovka Ukraine

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