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Leslie Gyi <lgyi@...>

I must concur that this has been my experience in the recent year. Plain
old money orders >from drug stores, for $1, don't even know whose they are.
No refusals or returns except the one unsigend one.

I would love to hear >from everyone that has written emails outlining the
other options, how many times they have used them, and what the results

Leslie Gyi


From: "Leonard Markowitz" <priluki@...>
Subject: [ukraine] Re: Overseas Payment

About eight years ago, I ordered metrical information from
the Polish State Archives on a number of occasions. At that
time, it was requested that I make the remuneration payable
to the Polish State Archives bank account and to send the
payment to that bank.

I paid for these services with a plain postal money order, which
cost 85c at the time, not an international postal money order,
which then cost about $8.50. This method of payment worked
on four different occasions.

Things may have changed since then, but it may be worth a try
to make payment by the aforementioned method.

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