"For-Fee" Genealogist/Archivist #galicia

Peter Haas <ppeett@...>

Dear Genners,

The unselfish help offered by so many members of our SIG to
fellow-Genners is truly remarkable. I've read countless postings
that really blazed the way for individuals who needed a helping
hand or specific advice.

However, there comes a time when some of us encounter
dead-ends, or simply lack the requisite experience, language
skills, or time, to make headways. In those instances it would
make sense to put someone to work for you who has had
experience working with Jewish genealogical resources in far away
places, and who has the requisite contacts, language skills, and
ability to actually read and translate the fancy 19th century
“writing.” But, how does one start?

Well, first of all there are many caveats, and cautions about hiring
genealogists, and you can read more about them on
<http://www.jewishgen.org/infofiles/profgen.html>. In reality
however, I have found the task of locating such professionals
quite challenging. It is for that reason that I have volunteered to
compile and maintain a “JewishGen InfoFile” which would provide
Genners with leads to "for-hire professionals" who have helped
other Genners.

This end-product will, however, require a bit of time, and more
importantly, it will depend on obtaining the necessary inputs >from
Genners who have had positive experiences working with such
professionals. I, for one, have had several such experiences that
I’m willing to share, but can you imagine the ultimate usefulness
of a master-list (“InfoFile”) if there were 10, 20, or maybe 30 of
you who would also be willing to contribute your positive
experiences to such a list?

I therefore ask all of you who have had helpful "for fee"
experiences, to please get in touch with me by email off-line.
These experiences should entail research conducted during the
last 5 years, and involve records of eastern-European Jewry. So, if
you have a worthwhile experience to share, please send me (Peter
Haas) an e-mail right now. Don’t worry about any details at this
point. You’ll have time later on. All I need to know now is that you
are a resource.

In the e-mail that I referred to above, please address it to me at:
ppeett@hotmail.com , give it a “Subject” (for example, “For-Fee”
Researcher), and remember that at this point I don’t need any
details, so in the body of the e-mail you don’t really have to say
much of anything. I will then simply “click” on “reply,” and attach a
short, simple “Questionnaire” and instructions that will guide you
through the rest. Should you have any questions however, please
send me a separate e-mail.

In the meantime, please accept my thanks for reading this, and
note that with your help we can make this new resource a reality.

Peter Haas----Northern California

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