Seeking Beth David gravesite photos #galicia

Marla Raucher Osborn <osborn@...>

Dear fellow enthusiasts,

May I impose again on your generosity?

If anyone has plans for visiting Beth David cemetery in
Elmont, NY and would be willing to shoot photos, can you please
contact me at

I would love photos of the two headstones of my great
grandparents Philip and Sarah SILBER/SILVER, both of whom passed
away in 1936. Philip came >from Sokolow Malpolski, and Sarah >from
Ulanow, Poland.

As always, I am grateful!

Kind regards,
Marla Raucher Osborn
Palo Alto, CA

Please reply to

Researching surnames HORN, FRUCHTER, LIEBLING >from Rohatyn
(formerly, Galicia); SILBER >from Ulanow and Sokolow Malapolski
(Poland); BLECHER >from Soroka, Bessarabia (Moldova), BRUNSHTEIN,
SARFAS/CHARFAS, and FABER >from Mohyliv Podilskyy and Kamyanets
Podilskyy (today, Ukraine); and RAUCHER/RAUSCHER >from Przemysl

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