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Suzan Wynne wrote:
Alex Sharon says that there is only one Zubow, but, according to an
Austrian-government document in 1877, there were two.
Alex Sharon is correct! There was only one village by the name of Zubow in

My "Genealogical Gazetteer of Galicia" is a compilation >from many sources
including the
official "Gemeindelexikon" that was the official Austro-Hungarian
government compilation
of community statistics for every place in Galizien according to the 1900


There is only one place by the name of Zukow in my gazetteer, the Slownik,
the Gemeindelexikon, the Skorowidz (of 1868), or any of the other sources
I used to compile my gazetteer. Therefore I am
99.9 percent certain there was no second place by that name.
I am continually amazed that no one in the Americas references
Gundacker's "Historical Gazetteer of Galicia and Bukowina." While
the information is largely the same as can be found in Brian's
work, it is based on other late 19th century Austrian materials
and thus serves as a useful crosscheck. It is also easier in some
ways to access, since it has one and only one index listing.

Perhaps Suzan can provide more information about both places so they can be
located on maps.

For instances if the Judicial/Tax District name (called sub-district by
Suzan) could be provided
for each, it could help clarify this discrepancy.
There was one other similar place name in Galicia, namely, Zubkow (with a
Brian J. Lenius
Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada
Suzan's work does list Zubkow, and then two places called Zubow,
one in the Trembowla Administrative District and the Strusow
Jewish District and the other in Zloczow Administrative District
and the Gologory Jewish District. So I don't think there is a
confusion with Zubkow in this instance.

It is worth noting, in my opinion, that what Suzan calls the
Subdistrict is an actual Jewish district for recording of metrical
records and the like of the Jewish community. Jewish Districts
corresponded approximately, but not precisely with the tax
Districts, or what Gundacker calls Gerichtsbezirk (Court District),
and the two should not be presumed to be identical when
searching for the town where records were deposited. In a few
instances, they were quite different.

Suzan's book lists three places called Zukow but Brian's book and
Gundacker list four. The one missing >from Suzan's list is in the
Zloczow Administrative District, the Zloczow Tax district, and the
Gologory Jewish District according to Brian's listing.

Checking the scans of the 1:75 000 Austrian 19th Century maps
that accompany Gundacker, I have confirmed that the proper
spelling for the town at that location is Zukow, not Zubow. So we
are dealing here with a typographical error, either in Suzan's
transcription or in her original source, where a town name
"Zukow" was misread as "Zubow" - in other words, a "k" was
mis-interpreted as a "b."

Peter Zavon, Editor
Gesher Galicia Family Finder
Penfield, NY


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