Liberation of Lwow/Lviv - July 1944 - assistance with Russian translation #galicia

Josef Herz <josef@...>

Shalom -

I received a newspaper that was apparently published shortly
after Lwow/Lviv was liberated in July 1944. The newsletter was
given to me by the daughter of Tema Ehrlich. Tema Ehrlich (z"l)
was born in Lwow and survived destruction of the Jewish
population of Lwow by hiding.

Both my parent, Shmuel Herz (z"l) and Shoshana Sigal (z"l), were
also >from Lwow and survived the war by fighting in the Polish
and Russian armies. Both their families living in Lwow and its
vicinity perished during the Shoa.

The four page newspaper is now on Viewmate - assistance in
translating the Russian to see if it has relevant genealogy
information would be greatly appreciated.


Please feel free to respond to the group list - since the
information found in the newspaper maybe of general interest.

Thank you in advance.


Josef A. Herz
From: Lvov/Lwow/Lemberg,Kristinopol/Chervonograd,
Stoyanov/Stiyanev, Sokal

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