Re: Liberation of Lwow/Lviv - July 1944 - assistance with Russian translation #galicia

Bill and Renee Stevens <brstevens@...>


My parents, Zygmund and Leonia Glattstein, were survivors. Before the war,
they lived at Asnyka 8 and my father had a store at Sykstuska 26. I cannot
help with the translation but would very much like to read the newsletter.

Thank you,
Renee Glattstein Stevens
Bethesda, MD

Josef Herz <> wrote:

I received a newspaper that was apparently published shortly
after Lwow/Lviv was liberated in July 1944....

The four page newspaper is now on Viewmate - assistance in
translating the Russian to see if it has relevant genealogy
information would be greatly appreciated.


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