Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Re: Finding Great Grandfather in Ellis Island database ukraine digest 11/22/2001 #ukraine


If Evan's great grandfather settled in NYC and became naturalized,
another way to locate his arrival might be to search for his
naturalization, which after 1906-07 usually recites the ship he arrived
on along with the date. (However, one naturalization I saw recently
listed "unknown" as the ship as the person applying for naturalization
was an infant at arrival...)

I wish you much success with your genealogical quest.
Judi Langer-Surnamer Caplan <>

Evan Fishman <> recently asked:

<<How thorough is the Ellis Island data base? Were records lost or
destroyed? I have been unable to locate my great grandfather's manifest
(PINCUS MANDELSTEIN or MENDELSTEIN). Although I don't know definitively
that he arrived at Ellis Island, I've been unable to locate him at any
other port either. According to the 1910 census he arrived in 1902, and
later arrivals were headed for his address in New York City. I've tried
various spellings of his surname, but I've come up empty handed. >>

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