Holocaust Era Assets After the Prague Conference #galicia

Dana Dimitriu

Dear all,

Having only recently discovered a paper proving that the house of
my gg-uncle in Prague had been confiscated during WWII and
hoping that there might be a possibility to claim this house back,
I put my name down for a newsletter which drew my attention to
a webcast of a hearing in front of the Helsinki Comission about
the Prague Conference 2009 regarding Holocaust Era Assets and
follow up actions. Here is the link:

[Or use this shorter URL: http://tinyurl.com/HolAssets -- MODERATOR.]

I thought it might be of general interest and so am posting it to
these groups. The Prague conference can be found at
http://www.holocausteraassets.eu/. 46 countries signed the final
declaration of the proceedings (called the Terezin declaration) -
among them the Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Romania.

Based on the information provided by Stuart Eizenstat I searched
and found the holocaust claims processing officein New York,
which according to Stuart Eizenstat is the only one of its kind, here:
http://www.claims.state.ny.us/ I have not had enough time yet to
investigate further but it might be worth doing so.

Kind regards,

Dana Dimitriu

RO - Bucuresti / DE - Wiesbaden
Email dana.dimitriu@...

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