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Flo Elman

Dear Members,
Here's another alternative to Elaine Cohen's suggestion. We would need
volunteers motivated & willing to organize & coordinate District Research
Group teams.

Research Group Guidelines:

A Ukraine SIG Supported Research Group would be a formally recognized group
with a common genealogical interest in a single town; an administrative
district (AD) or subdistrict (SD) as established by the Russian government
before 1917.

These research groups would have the opportunity to communicate via the
Ukraine SIG on-line discussion group, and to apply for funding >from the
Ukraine SIG for research projects.

Requirements for starting a supported research group:

There are two requirements for establishing a research group that will be
officially recognized by the Ukraine SIG and that will be eligible for
funding and other benefits:

1) A supported research group must cover either an entire AD, an entire SD,
or a single town. There are two reasons for this requirement: Genealogical
research is typically oriented toward obtaining historical records and those
records were collected and organized by administrative districts.
Organizing research groups by district boundaries, therefore, facilitates
research. Using district boundaries to demarcate regions covered by research
groups will prevent overlap of regions covered by research groups and will
prevent the creation of "orphan" towns and regions that are too small to
support their own groups but that are not covered by any existing group. It
is expecteded that town groups will naturally cooperate with their
containing SD and AD groups, and that the SD groups will cooperate with
their containing AD group.

2) A supported research group must designate a coordinator, who must be a
member in good standing of the Ukraine SIG. Only Ukraine SIG members are
allowed to apply to our SIG for research funding. It is not necessary that
every member of a supported group also be a member of the U SIG (but we
encourage them to join). The same person can, if necessary, serve as
coordinator of more than one supported group.

To start your Ukraine supported research group, contact me at
. I, too, would like to see more information available on our website. It
can't be done without your incentive.

Best regards,
Florence Elman
Ukraine SIG Coordinator

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