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Roberta Sheps <roberta.sheps@...>

Can anyone recall a large furniture store owned by a MOISHE COHEN in Los
Angeles? It operated >from roughly the 1920's until at least the 1960's.

MOISHE was the brother of my great-grandfather, LEVI COHEN. Other
brothers were FRANK (EPHROIM),CHARLES and a fifth whose name my mother
can't remember. They were born in Talno, near Kiev, Ukraine, and
emigrated to Canada in approximately 1890. MOISHE was the successful
brother: my mother recalls being immensely impressed when he and his
fur-wrapped wife came to Winnipeg to visit them in a chauffeur-driven
limousine in the 20's. MOISHE had 4 sons, one of whom, SAMMY COHEN,
became a comic actor in films in the 30's and would have had a
successful career had he not fallen out with Rudy Vallee over a woman.
A second became a lawyer and the remaining two (one named LOUIS) went
into the furniture store with their father.

This is a branch of the family that remains wrapped in a veil of
mysterious glamour and I would like to find out more about them.

Roberta Sheps
Colchester, England(born in Winnipeg, Canada)

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