Ukraine SIG #Ukraine A Guided Tour of UKRAINE SIG's Website (& our "Most Wanted" Site) #ukraine

Flo Elman

To those who asked about the Ukraine SIGs Most Wanted Site, as well as other
bits of information available on our website, this is a quick bird's eye
view of what exists there & where to find it. New submissions are due to be
uploaded shortly. The URL for our website is , & the following list describes the icons
on our home page.

HOME: (Self-explanatory)

When you click on each Gubernia, you will find icons for *Towns* to which
submissions have been made. You can check to see if your town has been
"represented" (you may also want to submit articles or data of interest for
the towns you are researching).

Links to some very good maps covering the Ukraine - both old & new!

GIVEN NAMES DATA BASE (Dr. Jerry Esterson)

Here's where our members have sent in descriptions of trips, & samples of
their poetry. If you have something to submit, you can send it to me by
email, fill in a Release Form in duplicate & send it to me (see -

If you have come across a book that should be recommended to our members,
you may want to submit a book review to put up on this site!

This was the first of our pages when we put the website online in October of
2000. It contains submissions of YOUR photographs people, dwellings, & other
places >from the Ukraine - eg:

1) FACES -
old photos of your ancestors pre-1900 to circa 1925

photos of the towns, shtetls, homes >from "the old country

Members can send in those photos of relatives they can't ID, but they should
have good cause to believe that they were >from the Ukraine. They should
state where they think they're from; which family they might belong to; the
possible date of the photo; "submitted by", & their email address in small
print, so that they can be contacted. You can find this site at:

SUBSCRIBE HERE: (Self-explanatory)

PROJECTS: To be updated; a list of projects for which volunteers are needed.
The translation of digitized FHL Ukraine CDs is one not yet entered, & the
creation of a geographical dictionary of the major Jewish communities within
the region of the former Russian Empire gubernias. Volunteers will create
databases providing both the present names of shtetlekh (townlets),
oblasts/uyezds/gubernias (districts/provinces), and what they were called
under the Russian Empire.

This site provides access to other webpages with important information for
Ukraine Jewish genealogy.

A link to the IAJGS 2002 Conference in Toronto.

Take the tour. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
Best regards,
Florence Elman
Ukraine SIG Coordinator

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