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Flo Elman

Dear Members,

Our wonderful Judy Tarail, who had undertaken to coordinate our newest BMD
translation project, finds that she will be unable to fulfill this
commitment due to health problems. All of us wish her a smooth & easy
recovery, & a quick return to our ranks.

This is a breakthrough project in the offing for those who are unaware. A
Coordinator is needed to bring this project to fruition!

Microfilmed documents >from the Ukraine have been digitized by the FHL, & we
have the go-ahead to translate them & make them available in searchable
format on an "All Ukraine Database". These records contain birth, death, &
marriage data >from towns in the area of Zvenigorodka in south-central Kiev.
They are hand written in Russian Cyrillic and Hebrew Script. We need
volunteer translators with fluency in either/both Russian and Hebrew. Since
the data is on CDs, lists can easily be forwarded to volunteers via email
attachments. The project Coordinator will be given/sent all material,
including tips >from those who have successfully completed a similar effort.

1) Readers & translators of Cyrillic and/or Hebrew script
2) Data entry the translation into an Excel template that will be provided
-a recent version of Excel is necessary, as well as the ability to
receive, work with, & send graphic images in jpeg format.
3) Proof-reading (Russian & Hebrew speaking volunteers)

The Toronto Conference starts on August 4th. I'd like volunteers to respond
before that time, so that we can announce the onset of our project at the
Ukraine General Meeting, & introduce (if present) our new Coordinator.

I look forward to hearing >from you & helping to set up your team.

Florence Elman
Ukraine SIG Coordinator

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