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Larry Brikman

Dear Genners,

I found a cousin of mine in a Toronto cemetery. On his tombstone of course
is his hebrew name. Now, I do know a little hebrew, but I've never seen
this name before. For those of you who can read hebrew, here it is
right-to-left (the proper hebrew way):


His English name was Vladislav and his Russian name was Vladimir. Someone
told me that it might be Yiddish since both Hebrew and Yiddish have the
same alphabet with different sounds.

All help is appreciated. Please respond privately.

Warmest regards,

Larry Brikman
Toronto, Canada


BRENAYZIN (and all variants) - Khodorkov Ukr; Zhitomir Ukr; Kiyev Ukr;
Kharkov Ukr; Lithuania; BRIKMAN - Former Poland (Now Belarus, Lithuania,
Poland, Ukraine); Kiyev, Ukr; GRUSHKO/GRUSHKA - Kharkov, Ukr; GRINSHPUN -
Pulin Ukr; Zhitomir Ukr; Kharkov Ukr; FELDMAN - Khodorkov, Ukr; Zhitomir,
Ukr; NAUMOV - Lviv Ukr; BYTEMAN - Lviv Ukr; Zhitomir Ukr;
FEYGIN/FEYGINA - Kharkov, Ukr;

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