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Lorna, where is the Rabbi's record book located? What years did it
encompass? Was the Rabbi's record book only for the town of Kamenets
Podolsk, or did it include surrounding towns? Thanks in advance for any
Melody Katz (Southern California)

In a message dated 8/15/02 3:41:12 PM, Ellkay@... writes:

<< There have been many inquiries recently regarding Kamenets Podolsk and
the availability of material >from the archives there. I was there on a
private visit (ie not with a group) in the middle of July for a few days
and confirm that there is a great deal of information available both in
the town archives and in the Rabbi's record books. Unfortunately it is
neither indexed nor computerised, the format being (in the case of the
Rabbi's book) that the left hand side of the book is written in Cyrillic
script in Russian - whereas the Ukrainians now have their own language -
and the right hand side of the book is written in Yiddish, in Hebrew
script. The town archives are written in Cyrillic script but some of
the books are missing, whereas the Rabbi's books are more or less

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