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Witihin the last few weeks there was a question posted re railroad lines
in the Ukraine. Chapter 28 (pp.90-92) of Paul Robert Magosci's Historical
Atlas of East Central Europe (ISBN: 0-8020-0607-8) c. 1993, covers "Canal
and railway development before 1914". Although Kamenets Podolskiy is not
specifically shown on the map on p.91, there is a line Lviv-Ternopol
(1871), Ternopol-Odessa (1875), that must have passed fairly near there.

As I previously wrote: Some time ago a new-found cousin recommended a
book called "The Journeys of David Toback" by Carole Malkin. "It is
wonderful. Not only is it a terrific read, but it has a lot of
information on Proskurov in the late 1800's. You get a real feel for what
the city and the Jewish community was like... " This book will answer
many questions about life in Kaminets Podolskiy area when our ancestors
lived there.

Robin B. Seidenberg


BRENNER, ERLICHMAN-Kamenets Podolskiy area (Zinkov, Proskurov, etc.)
BOGOSLOWSKY-Stavisht, Kiev, Ekaterinoslav
WANIEWSKI, WYRZYKIEWICZ- Bialystok-Tykocin area (Lomza gubernia)

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