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Flo Elman

My grandmother's family lived in Odessa until they were forced to escape
because of a pogrom in 1906. My great-grandfather, David SURIS was killed in
a pogrom when a Cossack struck him on the head with an iron grating.
Afterwards, all the bodies were laid out in a row. His daughter, my
grandmother Leah Suris Gotlieb remembered that they were only able to
identify him by the boots he was wearing. He was a cobbler & had made the
boots himself. It was at that time that Leah & her mother Mindel Weissbein
Suris fled over the border to Chernowitz, Bukovina, Austria.

Mindel's sister Shaindel SURIS ROTHMAN's family left Odessa during the 1906
pogrom as well. During the violence, they had hidden in the Odessa Jewish
Hospital on Gospitalnya Ulitza [Hospital Street]. Shaindel's daughter
Clara's family left at a separate time, going by train >from Odessa &
crossing the Russian plains on the Trans-Siberian railway. Harbin was chosen
as their destination because of its huge, active Jewish community & the fact
that it was a natural progression by train. When Clara's husband Boris
described the trip, he mentioned that it was an extremely hard journey
during a freezing cold winter. At railway stops on route, it was icy &
frigid, & they could see & hear the clanking of many chained prisoners
trudging past the train.

This only answers part of your question. I'm not familiar with the streets
of Odessa. Perhaps someone else can step in & help here.

Florence Elman

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Dears all:
I have two questions for my investigation. Perhaps somebody can help me:
I need to know if there were "pogroms" in the city of Odesa between the
years 1899 and 1908/9. (it dates approximate of my grandfather's scape JANKL
MEIER SCHOR). I need to know if in Odessa a Jewish neighborhood existed
between 1899 and 1908/9. If it is this way, I need to know if the street
PREOBRAZHENSKAYA was part of that neighborhood.

Thanks for your help

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