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Flo Elman

This is in response to Alla Kogan's question concerning the progress towards
an All-Ukraine Database. I know that the news will be welcomed by all of

Estelle Nemoy, Coordinator of our Kiev Gubernia group, has had her
volunteers complete the Kiev Duma Voters' List for 1906/07. It will give us
50,000+ surnames once uploaded on the All-Ukraine Site. Hopefully, the
upload will be done shortly.

In addition, Ron Doctor has undertaken the translation of BMD records from
the Zvenigorodka district of Kiev, & I understand that his group now has the
material indexed & ready for the translation process. The rate of progress
will depend on the speed & accuracy of the wonderful people who volunteered
their assistance.

If any of you have found other source documents (in sufficient quantity)
that can be worked on for any of our gubernias, please step forward with
your ideas & we can ask for volunteers to work on them. You can communicate
directly with me at haflo@... . It's up to all of us to keep our eyes &
ears open for these opportunities to add to what will become useful &
exciting searchable databases for our research.

All of these projects are very important to our SIG membership, & big todah
rabah is owed to those who have made them & will make others possible!

Florence Elman
Ukraine SIG Coordinator

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