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David Bickman

It will be three years this coming summer since I engaged a Ukrainian national, living in Ukraine, to conduct research into my family's history at the Kamenets Podolsk Archives facility. I have yet to see anything >from this fellow, though he did email me about 6 months ago to tell me that he had spoken to his assistant at the Archives and was told by that assistant that the research I had engaged him to do had been completed and was being mailed to him by his assistant (the fellow I hired lives in another city in Ukraine, Czernovtsi I believe).

In any event, I still have nothing >from this fellow. I cannot say for certain that he has done any research, himself or by an assistant. I may have been simply ripped off. I know that names of researchers cannot be disclosed on this site, but I would appreciate exchanging private emails with any other family historians who have used private researchers to access records at Kamenets Podolsk Archives, merely to exchange information on the results, or lack or results, obtained >from these entrepreneurs.

David M. Bickman

Please reply privately.

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