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Flo Elman

Dear Ukraine SIG Members,

This is being forwarded to the list in the hope that someone can help Sonia
BASKIN find her aunt & cousins, survivors of the Holocaust - now living in
the States.

"My grandpa (Perets MILLER b. 1897 d. 1964) had a sister who, like him, was
born in Poland. Unfortunately we have very scant information about her & her
family. We don't know her given or married name, but we know she married &
had a daughter, & then a son. (Her maiden name obviously is/was MILLER.) Her
father's name was Shulim; her mother's name was
Haya-Dvoyra. She emigrated to the USA before 1939. All her relatives who
stayed in Poland perished in the Holocaust. Only her brother Perets who
lived in USSR was alive. Initially he lived in Ukraine; in 1932 he moved to
Azerbaijan, Baku. At the beginning they wrote each other letters, but then
the writing stopped."

Please go to Viewmate file - VM2429 & VM2430 to see if you recognize &
can put a name to her face. I have posted a picture of her at & another
of her 2 children taken many years ago at
RESPONSES should be sent DIRECTLY to Sonya PIVOVAROV / BASKIN at , or to Florence Elman at .

Many thanks.
Florence Elman for Sonya Baskin

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