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Your name is included under Zapol' in Beider's "Dictionary of Jewish
Surnames >from the Russian Empire", as 'Zapolyanskij'. >from the village name
Zapolya which occurs in several districts, mostly in the area around Minsk
or other parts of what are now Belarus. By the way, do your Ciechanow people
have any connection to the MAJUFES family, originally >from that part of
Poland? **[Please respond privately.]
Jeff Knisbacher, Owings Mills, Md

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From: "Sarah Gibb" <>
Subject: [ukraine] Help with Surname Etymology

I'm wondering if anyone can help me figure out if the surname ZAPOLANSKY
associated with Poland, or any other particular place (like a river or a
village). I have looked for this family name in various databases of
surnames and have not found it. My ggf Mottel ZAPOLANSKY was born in
Kremenchug and lived in Iekaterinoslav (now Dnepropetrovsk). His American
citizenship papers indicate that at one time he wanted to change his last
name to "ZAPPOLAND," which made me wonder about whether or not the name is
connected to Poland. After experimenting with several forms of the name,
and the family eventually changed it to PAULIN. Fortunately, knowledge of
the original name has been preserved in the family. Perhaps it will lead
clues about origins. Any help would be appreciated.
Sarah Gibb
Cambridge, MA

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