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Flo Elman

Dear Ukraine SIG Members,

Our Ukraine SIG site at has been expanded
& updated. (Thanks to Mel Fishman, our webmaster.) Please take the time
enjoy the tour. It's beautiful, & worth the effort!!

If you have submitted a story, dataset, or photo that wasn't uploaded, you
can contact me to correct the situation.

Don't forget to check our "Photo Album" of the Ukraine - Photos of our
Heritage Page:
a) Faces of our Forebears (old photos pre-1900 to circa 1925)
b) Footsteps (photos of the towns, shtetls, homes >from "the old country)
c) Most Wanted (missing Identities)

You may recognize a name or face in this section, & help someone to make a

We are accepting book reviews of those publications which would be of
interest to our membership. Should you run across such a book, please
consider writing a review & submitting it for our site.

Some of our new additions include:
1) Transcription and translation of the All-Russia Business Directory, Vsia
Rossia, 1895, 1899, and 1903, for Zaslav.
2) Isaak Dunayevsky (1900-1955)
3) Postcards >from Odessa
4) Isaak E. Babel (1894 - 1941)

Enjoy the site, & please help us to build it up.

Best regards,
Florence Elman
Ukraine SIG Coordinator

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