Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Ukraine SIG - DC 2003 Conference Report #ukraine

Flo Elman

Dear Ukraine Siggers:

Today our membership reached 1260! (Hello to Janet Brown, our 1260th
member.) We've made a lot of headway since our SIG was first organized in
July 2000 at Salt Lake City. It was a great disappointment to me that I was
unable to join all of you at this year's conference in Washington, or set up
a SIG table. Family matters were just too pressing. However, our capable
moderator, Freya Maslov ably took over the helm, & I've been informed that a
lot was accomplished. (I attended vicariously - by email & telephone!) Three
of our Gubernia Coordinators were there to meet members & discuss future

About 75 people gathered to hear Olga Musichuk, (Director of the Kiev
Historical Archives), speak at the Ukraine SIG General Meeting. Miriam
Weiner, this year's winner of the IAJGS Lifetime Achievement Award, was also
on hand to contribute her expertise. Members were informed about our
activities & accomplishments:

Congratulations to Estelle Nemoy (Kiev Gubernia Coordinator) & Ilya Zeldes
(ever gracious translator, proof-reader & trouble-shooter), & the long list
of fabulous volunteers whose efforts are now up on the "All-Ukraine
Database"!! The announcement about our first completed major project was
made at the conference by Warren Blatt. Thanks, Warren, for your diligence
in ensuring that this project got off the ground & on the Web!! For those of
you who were unable to attend, please go to to access our **Kiev
Gubernia Duma Voters Lists, (1906-1907)** which contains the names of over
32,000 Jewish men living in Kiev gubernia, eligible to vote in the Czarist
State Duma elections of 1906-1907. I've already found a couple of names
relevant to my research. Have fun!!

In the works:
1) Ron Doctor is coordinating the translation of BMD records for towns in
Zvenigorodka, southern Ukraine.
2) Similar projects are planned for Chernigov, Poltava & Taurida in the near
3) Volunteers are needed to work on the Ukraine Geographical Dictionary
Project for Volhynia, Kiev, Poltava, Chernigov, Kharkov, Kherson, Taurida
and Ekaterinoslav. To offer your assistance, contact the appropriate
coordinator (If you have any difficulty contacting these people, please get
in touch with me at haflo@...):

Chernigov - Sharen Hogarth - sjhogarth@...
Ekaterinoslav - Jerry Touger -jtouger@...
Kharkov & Taurida (Crimea) - Ellen Bedenko - ebedenko@...
Kherson - Andrea Massion - ALMassion@...
Kiev - Estelle Nemoy - ENemoy@...
Volhynia - Joanne Saltman - jsaltman@... or Bob Enzel

During the course of our annual meeting, one of the items on the agenda that
seemed to take hold was the BOF concept. We want to facilitate the
organization of Birds of a Feather groups so that you can network with
others who are researching your geographical areas. Please feel free to use
the Digest to contact those who are doing so (but then continue to discuss
your personal queries privately among yourselves). It would be wonderful if
productive research projects emerge >from your groups, & we can share this
material through our website!

We held our Ukraine SIG luncheon at the hotel on Wednesday, July 23rd. It
went off swimmingly -- I'm told that the food was delicious, & a strong
turnout of about 145 people (60 more than last year!!) attended to hear Olga
discuss the "do's & don'ts" of writing to the archives for original
documents. After the lunch, Olga generously answered individual questions &
stayed around to speak to members.

Photographs of the General Meeting & Luncheon are being uploaded onto our
website at Keep an eye out, & enjoy looking for
your pictures.

Next year in Jerusalem!

Warm regards,
Florence Elman
Ukraine SIG Coordinator

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