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Elina Smirnova <smirnova-elina@...>

Dear Genners

I am interested in research for two towns in Kherson gubernia - Kherson and
Nikolajev. I have made a request to State Archieve of Kherson region and
got a reply >from them. The archieve wrote that they have got for Kherson
only revizion lists for 1858 and some metric books for 1837 - 1865 of some
synagogs (not all). Not so much. ( but it doesn not mean that they do not
have other documents which contain genealogical information).

I could participate in translating records for these two towns and small
shtetels around them.

By the way, I know that usually archieves send a copy of only one side of
birth and marriage books . Does anybody know if jewish books contain the
other side of these records, where in orthodox books we can find info about
"vospriemniki" (for births) and "svideteli" (for marriages) - they were
usually close relatives and information about them helps much in finding
links between ancesters .

Elina Smirnova

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