Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Translation from Russian/Ukrainian - 11 names on 1892 Tax List in Snitkov #ukraine

Michelle Frager <lulu_brooks@...>

Dear List,

I have posted a copy of one original 1892 tax sheet, in two parts, on
Viewmate as follows: Image no. 2927
Contains all the headings and six names with property values and
income, I think. Image no. 2928
Contains the remaining five names and their info.

Included are my attempts at translating. Can you transliterate,
translate, or correct the names and the column headings? Also, do you
know what time period would be involved, as the incomes appear to me
to be be less than one ruble, which even for the Pale seems

Finally, do you know why, in what I think is the real property
column, there are often two numbers, one above the other? Is this
actually covering two comparative periods?

Thank you all for any help. I will post the fully transliterated
names back to the SIGs in case someone's ancestor is on it.

Please reply privately to:
Michelle Frager

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