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To be sure, the late Natan Jakovlevich Eidelman, as well as his father
Yakov Naumovich Eidelman (I knew both of them), had no relations to
Red Army hero (incidentally, didn't you mix him with a Civil war hero
Robert-Petr Eideman,1895-1937?). As for the mentioned above Eidelmans
their roots, which I had a chance to track down partly, are in

Efim Melamed
(now in Kiev, Ukraine)

Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2003 21:17:48 +0300
From: "Elina Smirnova"<>
Subject: Re: Jacob Adleman (Edelman?)- a Red Army hero

There was a writer Natan Jakovlevich Eidelman (1930-1989)
He could be your Jacob's son

Jacob Adleman (Edelman?) was a Jewish soldier who fought in the Red
Army in W.W.II.

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