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Tracie Schneider <tracie157@...>

I read Michelle Frager's recent post, asking whether Jewishgen is known
and read in the former Soviet Union.

While I can't answer this question in a broad sense, I know that Jewishgen
IS known to at least some for Soviet Jews. My greatest geneology success
story took place about 5 years ago, when an American Jewishgenner noticed
that a woman in Florida (me) and a man living in Kiev appeared to be
for the same long-lost ancestor. To make a very long story shorter, we were
notified of each other and I discovered a third cousin that I did not know
existed, still living in Kiev!!!! He had no idea he had hundreds of
relatives, and nobody in our family had any idea we still had family living

To say we were thrilled to find each other is a huge understatement. We
each other regularly, have talked on the phone for hours, and some in our
have had the opportunity to meet him. I still consider it a "miracle" that
could never
have happened without Jewishgen. I think of it every time we correspond,
and so
does he. This happened very early in my geneological research, and started
me off
with the knowlege that truly anything can happen. Now, when I'm having
locating a record or finding a name on a list I am not likely to give up
easily. Nor do
I hesitate to let Jewishgenners out there know who I'm looking for. There's
telling who may be reading my post, including a long-long relative or two!

So yes, there are at least some people in the former Soviet Union who know
Jewishgen and who are sitting at their computers reading what we write.

Wishing you all similar miracles in your lives, and a happy Chanukah!

Tracie Schneider
Tallahassee, Florida

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