Questions about information in the JRI Poland database: #galicia

Ervin Spinner <espinner@...>

Questions about the information in the JRI Poland database:

For birth listings:
1) If only the first names of both parents are given, the family
name listed for the child is assumed to be the father's or the
2) If both parents are listed with the same family name, do we
assume it is the name of the father?
3) If only the mother's name is listed, do we assume that it is
her original or maiden name?
4) If only the first name of the child is given but the parents
have different family names, whose family name does the child

5) Do we assume that the vast majority of couples in Galicia
did not have a state or secular wedding?
6) Do we then conclude that each partner's family name is in
fact his or her mother's name?

7) If a death is listed for a woman, is her family name that of
her husband or her original maiden name, if no husband is
mentioned or only his first name is given?
8) In general, do assume that the family name for any listing
is the mother's name?

Ervin Spinner

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