translation/interpretation help #austria-czech

Marc D. Machtinger <marc@...>

Dear Fellow Researchers:

I would be grateful for translation/interpretation assistance on a Hungarian
marriage record. I post here because I believe several of the towns of
birth are in Moravia, and I wish to ask whether anyone familiar with those
towns might recognize them in the record. The record is an 1872 marriage
for Sigmund BRAUNER and Betti NEUMAN in Komarom, Hungary. Since I have
several images of the record, I have placed it on a web page rather than on
ViewMate. I have indicated my specific questions on the web page. The URL

I would greatly appreciate any responses. Please respond directly to me at

Very truly yours,

Marc D. Machtinger, Buffalo Grove, Illinois, U.S.A.
email: marc@...

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