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Richard Lakein <rlakein@...>

It still doesn't work, because 1n 1909 in the week of Tetzaveh,
Wednesday was March 3 GR, which would be Feb 17 JU, I think.

Richard Lakein
Potomac Maryland

Don Solomon wrote:

In referring to the secular calendar, you should be aware that if the
letter was written in the Russian Empire, the Julian calendar was in
effect until the Russian Revolution in 1917 -- not the Gregorian
calendar which had been adopted by Britain/US in 1752. Officially,
31 January 1918 JU, was succeeded by 14 February 1918 GR, and in some
areas the change occurred even later -- according to the following

I would appreciate help in trying to determine the date of a letter
that was most probably written in 1909. It is dated [in mixed Yiddish and

"Wednesday, the thirteenth, parashat Tetsaveh".
The writer was probably referring to a Hebrew month, but maybe not.

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