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Michelle Frager <lulu_brooks@...>

Dear List:

Had I thought to check at least one or two web sources before
posting, I would have found that there is an interesting opinion
re:"Sfard" prayer books - at least in the JewishGen Discussion Group
Archives, where I should have gone first.

It seems the Chassidim used a liturgy or order of prayer different
from other Jews and >from the Lubavitch, who some posters wrote, used
the Nusach Ari. There was some thought this was to create continuity
with pre-Inquisition-Diaspora practice.

There was also some immigration into the area, Odessa, for one
example, >from Turkey, Greece and even Italy, some wrote. But they
didn't posit the idea that it was necessarily the source of the
Nusach Sfard.

This is something I intend to look into through other sources. If
anything of interest turns up, I will post as it could be suggestive
for some researchers, like myself.

My appreciation to those of you who answered my original post.

Michelle Frager, NY metro

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