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I've recently discovered that my surname MITNICK was originally MITNITSKY.
I was sent some land transfer papers >from Woodbine, NJ., which listed my
great-grandfather as Harry MITNITSKY. I was wondering if anyone had any
information on the name MITNITSKY. I believe that my great-grandparents,
Harry and Dora MITNITSKY came >from Kiev, though I have no proof of that.
They settled in Woodbine, NJ. with their children, Jacob MITNICK, Minnie (Mae)
MITNICK CASTEN and Rose MITNICK WITT. Dora died in 1918, and I believe that
Harry died in the mid to late 1920's. Harry's second wife's name was Hannah,
or Anna, and I believe that she later married a man named Max ALEXENBERG.

Thank you.

Steve Mitnick

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