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Ellen Wallace <yellench@...>

I'm new to the UKR-SIG, but have been connected with the LITVAKSig for quite
some time now.

I've been going through my research lately due to the coming Conference and
went into the Ellis Island database once again in hopes of finding updated
info. or something that I hadn't seen before.

I noted that my grandmother's (paternal) family, Stellman, was travelling
with an elderly woman (with the surname of Speinkeb, or maybe Tpeinkeb or
Fpeinkeb), whom I was certain was related to them in some way (>from what
was then Elisawetgrad/ present day Kirovograd).

Now that I actually saw the Ship's manifest, I have confirmed that she is
related. Although she had a different surname, she is related and the
discrepency in surname could have a number of explainations. In any case,
this woman's name was totally crossed out with a very dark pen with no
writing next to it and with no "deported"stamp next to name. Is it safe to
assume that she died during the voyage? (we're talking July of 1906 here)
And if so, does anyone know what was done with those who died during the
course of the voyage to America? Can anyone recommend a book that goes into
detail of such voyages, besides "Where they Once Walked"?

I appreciate hearing >from any of you privately.

Ellen Wallace-Boermeester, Netanya, Israel

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