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Flo Elman

Dear Ukraine SIG Membership,

After the recent 2004 Jerusalem, rumours abounded about the sudden cessation
of our most current translation projects. The status has indeed changed, were indeed correct, but the circumstances are not as reported.

I've received many inquiries about the status of the Zvenigorodka BMD
records which were to be translated & uploaded (ie: names & years only).
Rather than have the issue misunderstood, I would like to update you on

The Ukraine Archives has refused permission for us to put any of the
microfilmed data online as they say it is their property. The only way for
you to get records >from them at the moment is to make an inquiry at the
appropriate archives. I understand that they have arranged with unaffiliated individuals who will check through the archives for your documents at a cost. (I can't vouch for any expenses which you will
have to incur.) All our projects have been temporarily halted, but this
needn't be the case.

We have over 1465 members in our SIG!! Surely many of you have access to
other sources of Ukrainian data that will be of help to our members. I've
mentioned before that the historic Vedemostie Russian newspapers carry a
great deal of information. If you are near a major library or source of
Eastern European information, I need your assistance to find any & all
useful data, & initiate projects on your own. Our Russian speakers are vital
to us in this effort. I've said it before ... we're only as successful as
our member participation is whole-hearted.

I need your help; you want to see facts on our site that will advance your
genealogy. It would be most productive if our members started special interest group by contacting members who are
researching the same town. Organize a research group to work on projects.
Get going & TAKE PART!!

Thanks, & let's look forward to moving on -
Florence Elman
Ukraine SIG Coordinator

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