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Israel P

Last Thursday, Mara Fein wrote:

Subject: Anyone know this researcher?
I have received a recommendation for research in Kharkov by a Alexandra
Loshak. Has anyone heard of her. She was recommended by a Pavel
Bernshtam through our forum.
In the course of following up that question, I was informed by Ms. Loshak that in
order to find a 1890 birth record, you need a formal power of attorney, for reasons
of privacy. I guess people there live longer than everywhere else.

She also advises that the records are in two different archives, with different
associated costs. I did not understand the explanation about how to know which
source has what or if one has to search both.

I'd be pleased to hear of the experience of others. (Not necessarily with this
researcher, of course.)

Israel Pickholtz

MODERATOR'S NOTE: This message is not a referral, & was approved on the basis of the issue it raised.

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