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Flo Elman

Dear Ukraine SIGgers -

I have only just received a copy of the minutes >from our General Meeting in
Jerusalem. I wish I could have been there to answer your questions &
concerns, but personal matters prevented this. Instead, I will try to reply
by addressing your questions through the List.

1) (And this one seems to be the source for a lot of misunderstanding!) :
** Lviv is within the area that was Galicia pre-WWII. Our SIG does
not deal with Lviv/ Lvov/ Lemberg!! For that, you must check
with Gesher-Galicia SIG. JRI-Poland has done some research there as well.

2) Names of researchers are being collected, but will not be placed on the
Web. Contact Florence Elman (haflo@...) to suggest names, describe
experiences (ie: communication ease; costs; where work was done). Your
suggestions will be forwarded to others who must decide for themselves.
Remember that JewishGen does not have anything to do with professional
researchers, & cannot refer anyone.

3) Many of you asked where the records of specific towns were housed in the
Ukraine. You can find all that information (& more) on Routes to Roots at . In addition, to learn more about a topic,
please go to the JewishGen SIG letter archives which can be located from . You can also find the Ukraine archival addresses
on our Website at .

4) YIVO is a repository of historical documents on geographical locations &
bios of very prominent individuals. It does NOT keep Birth; Death; Marriage
information for the average individual.

5) The LDS FHL is currently concentrating on CHURCH records in the Ukraine
(please let me know if I've misunderstood something here).

6) Our website will be undergoing an overhaul.

I hope I've been able to clarify some things for you.

Florence Elman
Ukraine SIG Coordinator

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