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Mara Fein <maraharv@...>

While I cannot translate the fax, I have communicated extensively with this
researcher to get answers to all of these questins. First, the two archives
are the ZAGs and State Archives in Kharkov. Different fonds (collections)
are in each. Miriam Weiner's book describes what is there in excellent
detail and it is an excellent reference in working with this researcher. If
one wishes information >from the archives, this researcher can provide that
without an official letter of attorney and proof of relationship. However,
if one wants a fax of an actual record, she needs a copy of a notarized
request and documents proving your relationship to the person you wish to
learn about. This is due to privacy legislation. The only reason that the
researcher can find the information is that she is doing research on the
Jewish community of Kharkov for the Jewish Genealogical Society of the
Former Soviet Union. If anyone has other questions, I may be able to answer
those as well.

From: "Israel P" <>
Subject: Russian translation
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2004 20:30:07 +0200

I mentioned a few days ago that I was having trouble communicating with a
researcher in Kharkov regarding two items - the matter of privacy and the
fact that
there are two different archives, with different costs and procedures. (I
inquired about locating a birth record >from 1890.)

I got the researcher to send me a fax in Russian, figuring that way at
least she
would be able to make her points clearly. Now all I need is to understand
she is saying. If someone would please have a look at , perhaps there might be some benefit
the entire group.

Thank you.

Israel Pickholtz
Gush Etzion

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