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Pavel Bernshtam


Do somebody has an expirience with Kherson archive - whether direct
contact or via private researcher?
I have contacted them by telephone they gave me fax number to send a
request for search, but this fax consistently is not working. They
have not e-mail, and they told me that they can not answer me by fax -
it is too expensive for them, so they will answer me by regular mail.

Do somebody received in any way results for Berislav uyezd >from Kherson archive?
Can somebody recommend a private resercher with e-mail for Kherson archive?

Thank you!
Pavel Bernshtam

Searching for:
ITKIN-Kolyshki, Vitebsk uyezd, Vitebsk gubernia; Kharkov,
Lepel uyezd, Kharkov,BERNSHTAM-Akimovka (Melitopol oblast), Melitopol,
ALTSHULER-Priazovskoe (Pokrovka)(Melitopol oblast) , Melitopol, Chausy (Mogilev
gubernia)KANTOR-Polonnoe (Volyn gubernia), Baranovka (Volyn gubernia), Zhitomir,
LAMDAN, LAMDIN-Mlinov ZHURAHOV, ZURAHOV-Chervonnoe (Zhitomir uyezd), Verbovo
(Skvir uyezd) ,Zhitomir, KELMAN-Chervonnoe (Zhitomir uyezd), Zhitomir


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