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Edna Hoover

I've been trying to locate information on the LORSHICK-LOSZIK Family from
Dubno, Volhynia, Ukraine for 3 years and have not been able to find
anything. Leib LOSZIK was a harnessmaker "for the Tzar's army." He had a
shop with the sign of two ponies or little horses, hence the name "loszik."
He married Keila and had 4 known children: Shlomoh, Binyamin, Liebe and
Betsalel Oizer. Some of these children changed the family name to "Levy"
when they passed through England on their way to the United States. One of
the older sons took over the family harnessmaking business. Others ran a
catering business in England in the late 1800's or early 1900's.

"Charles" Betsalel Oizer LEVY was born in 1884 in Dubno and apprenticed as
a cabinetmaker. He married Risa Anna LATAVITZ of Nikolayev, Ukraine. He
arrived in St. Louis, Missouri before 1908 and worked as a carpenter. When
his first wife died in Brooklyn, NY in 1932, he went back to the Ukraine,
married a cousin named Hannah and brought her back to the States. He died
in Rockaway, Queens in the early 1970's.

Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

"Edna Hoover"
Brooklyn, NY

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