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In the nineteenth century in the United States and in Europe, one of the
mainstays of the publication industry was the pre-subscribed book.
Booksellers or the authors themselves, would go town to town and get people
to agree to buy the book before it was published. In many places it was
customary for the pre-subscribers to be enumerated in the book as an
additional incentive. A great librarian and scholar Berel Kagan went through
major collections of Hebrew and Yiddish books and created an index, not to
the names of the subscribers listed in each one, but an index to the towns
from which the subscribers came. Many of you have encountered a notation
that your town was mentioned in Kagan's list. The Ukraine SIG has decided to
create an index to become part of the Jewishgen database that actually lists
all of the subscribers in every Ukrainian town. This is a large project. We
need specific help.
1. We need people who have already photocopied or purchased microfilm with
the books that were listed for their town, to share those duplicates with us
for indexing. If you have created a list of the people named in them, please
share that as well.
2. We need someone to provide a copy of Kagan's book to the Coordinator of
this project so that info can be distributed over a period of time without
having to return the book quickly to a library.
3. We need volunteers to locate copies of the books with subscribers names,
listed in the Kagan index and determine where the most accessible copies are
so that info may be extracted >from them.
4. We need volunteers to extract the data >from them or take photocopies or
purchase microfilm or take digital photographs of the relevant pages.
5. We need people with Hebrew language skills to provide us with
transliterations of the subscribers names.
6. We need people to fill in a form that we will provide, with the following
Your name; The date you collected the info; the name of the book >from which
you took the list; the author; date of edition or publication; place of
publication; the location of the book or microfilm; the names of all of the
towns listed in the book; the names of the towns you extracted; all of which
is filled in just once per book indexed. Then for each subscriber - Surname;
First name; Father's Name; Other Name or title; Residence.
7. We need someone >from your town of interest to do at least some of the
records connected to that town.

Do this if you want to open up a whole group of records on Jews in the
Ukraine available to researchers around the world.

Deborah Glassman
Coordinator of Special Project - Kagan Index
Ukraine SIG

Researching people >from Ostropol, Khmelnik, Chudnov, Brailow, Cherkassy,

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