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Ana Szpaizer <> wrote:From: Ana Szpaizer

I have subscribed to this website looking for my
roots. I would also like to know if there is any
descendent of my grandmother's family original from
Poltawa (or Poltava) in Ukraine.
My maternal grandmother, Gita PERLOWSKA (or Perlovska)
was born in Poltawa (or POltava), Ukraine in 1898. She
had two sisters whose names i don't know but I do know
that one was a medical doctor and the other one was a
lawyer. They also had a brother.
My grandmother married my grandfather Elias Mendel KAC
(pronounced KATZ) >from Vilna, who had tried fortune in
Ukraine but decided to go back to Vilna. They had two
daughers: My aunt, Mina (who is 81 years old and lives
in Buenos Aires) and my mother, Hessie (later called
Elsa) who died at 67 in 1991 in Buenos Aires.
My grandmother was going to bring her brother to
Buenos Aires where she, her husband and two girls had
immigrated but the Second World War happened and she
lost all track of her family. We always wondered if
someone was left >from that family.
My name is Ana Szpaizer and I live in Ottawa, Canada,
i can be reached either at this email or at
Thank you

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