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Eduardo Guinguis <eguingui@...>

Dear List:
I just entered in the group and want to introduce myself. My name is Eduardo
Guinguis Rotman, 48 years old. I live in Santiago de Chile. My father's
family came >from Bender (Bendery, Tighina), located in Moldavia
(Bessarabia). My last name spelling is Guinguis, Gingis, Gingiss, Ginges, or
Ghingis, all came >from the same origin. I have relatives in Argentina, US,
Australia, Israel and Russia. My mother's family (Rotman) came from
Chemerovitz (Chemerivtsi), a small town in Ukraine, near Kamyanets-
Podolsky, in Podolia Region. I recently started to search on my roots. I
appreciate if anyone has information about those towns and family.
Thanks for responses.

MODERATOR'S NOTE: [Heading added by moderator]
Eduardo, to write to the List, don't "reply" to the Digest. Simply send your message to ukraine@... or we receive the entire day's email.
Capitalize surnames so that they're easier to see.
Make sure you've entered the surnames & towns you are searching in the JGFF, & check to see if anyone else is researching these names.

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