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Ida & Joseph Schwarcz

Fascinating. Since I have cataracts I cannot volunteer to read >from the
microfilms. I know that my late in-laws (first marriage) made aliya from
Brody in 1923. Brody was an important center for emigration. Berl Stock
(later Professor Dov Sadan) met my father-in-law there. I would be
interested in helping in any way that does not require reading microfilms.
Ida Selavan Schwarcz
Arad, Israel

Dr. Joseph M. Schwarcz
Dr. Ida Selavan Schwarcz

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Suzan Wynne has graciously given us permission to reprint her letter
to the Gesher-GaliciaSig Digest because it is relevant to the Ukraine.
If anyone woud like to volunteer for this project please let us know so
that we may let Suzan know.

Hinda Solomon, Rishon LeZion Israel, (hinda_s@...)brought it to
our attention and would like to know approximately how many entries there
are and if they are easy to read.

Subject: Brody
From: "Suzan & Ron Wynne" <srwynne@...> Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2004

While in Jerusalem at last month's Jewish Genealogy conference, I spent
a lot of time at the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish
People. I requested a microfilm that had had some promising material for
one of my towns and noted that most of the film had information about
Brody, which is not of personal interest. So, I was quickly scrolling
through, but, then, my eye caught a form with columns. Hmmm. I stopped
scrolling and saw that I was looking at emigration lists. This film and
several more had images of immigration and emigration lists >from the 1880s.
While the vast majority of those listed were Russian Jews fleeing from
pogroms and being moved on to Vienna, there were Brody residents among
those listed.

The material cries out to be indexed. The indexing will have to be done
in Israel at the Central Archives because efforts to have the microfilms
reproduced and sent to the US have been rejected for the moment.
Permission would have to be granted >from officials at the archives in Lviv
and there is some political sensitivity involved. Are there any Israelis
interested in taking on this indexing project?

Suzan Wynne
Kensington, MD

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