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In reply o Evan Fishman:

One more reason to leave one's town was to escape pogroms. Knowing the
period of immigration would help you determine if that could have been your
family's reason for leaving.

About a month ago I was given a letter my grandfather had written in 1922
from Chortkov, a town I never knew he had lived in. He describes it as an
"interim residence" for many Jewish refugees including his own family, and
refers to their place of origin as "eretz hadamim" ="bloody country". It
seems he first took his family out of Dunayevtze, in Podolia, their home
town, to escape danger. It took him several more months in Chortkov to make
all the arrangments for further travel .


Tamar Dothan

Jerusalem, Israel

Looking for: EDELMAN ->from Keidan and Kraziai; SROELOV- >from Keidan,
Siaulenai and USA; SMILG->from Keidan; LEVIN->from Keidan and Paris;

YOSEPOV and LUTZKY ->from Zhvanetz; LERNER->from Dunayevtze, Minkovtsy,
Kitaigorod and Tiraspol; LISSIN->from Dunayevtze.

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