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Doug Cohen

Names were never never never changed at Ellis Island. Manifest forms were
filled out on board ship, and only checked off by the Ellis Island
personnel. Name changes usually took place as part of the naturalization
process, some 7+ years after immigration.

Find your immigrant ancestor's naturalization papers; they will tell you
the name under which s/he immigrated -- and the ship so that you can find
the immigration manifest.

Naturalization papers will be filed in the archives of the appropriate
court. Where did your immigrant ancestor reside? US Archives for that area
will have the naturalization papers.

Good luck.

Doug Cohen
Lexington, MA

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I've just started to research my mother's family who came form (we think)
Fastov, Ukraine.
One of my major problems is that I have no idea what the family's original
name was.

It was "Americanized" to BELOFF when they hit Ellis Island and as of now,
they have no relationship to other Beloff's.

Can anyone give me some help in determining the original name?

Cheri Ungerleider

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