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Hello Genners;

I need your help and or suggestions.

The PICKHOLTZ (all spellings) research group has located two boys in the English
1901 Census.
1:: Morris Pichols, age 7, born in Cape Colony, and a student at the Jew's
Hospital and Orphan Asylum School;
2:: Jacob S. Pickholz, age 13, a citizen of Russia, and a student at the Hayes
Industrial School for Jewish Boys.

After trying many of the suggestions given >from a past posting, ie. try the new
owners of the school; Southampton College Library; Archivist for the schools;
the London Archives, I still know NOTHING.

I am trying to find anything about these boys--- what may have happened to them;
are they still alive, who were their parents; how they came to be students at these
schools, ANYTHING.

Can You help?????????

Steve Pickholtz
Tabernacle, New Jersey
searching-- PICKHOLTZ (all spellings)and WINITSKY (all spellings)

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