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This is my first post to this group, so please forgive my naivete with

For many years, I have attempted to learn more about my great-grandparent's
migration >from Volhynia to Omaha in about 1885. My grandmother's father,
Samuel SIEVER, died in 1906 when my grandmother was only 3 years-old. My
grandmother said that she recalled some mention of the family coming from
Belarotky & Berdichet. A distant cousin remembers hearing stories of
life in Belarotka. I guessed that they were referring to Belagorodka.
I'm not sure if there are any ties to Berdichev. The 1900 Census (Omaha
Ward 3, ED 29, Page 4) lists Samuel as Samuel Seiver, married to Ella,
with their two eldest children. It indicates that Samuel migrated to the
U.S. in 1885 at the age of 10. His wife's correct Americanized name was
Nellie Steinberg. She, too, migrated to Omaha in 1885. She is not as big of
a mystery. Her parents were Monish STEINBERG and Gitel "Gusta" SILBERMAN.
I was able to obtain a 1906 copy of Monish's U.S. Passport >from the NARA.
It indicates his birthplace as Slavita, Russia. Slavita, now known as
Slavuta, is quite near to Belogorodka. Monish apparently divorced Gitel,
remarried & moved to Safed in Ottoman controlled Palestine (now Tzfat,
Israel). As for Samuel,he remained a complete mystery. However, the
Nebraska Historical Society was able to find Samuel & Nellie's 1895
marriage license. Samuel listed his father as Abraham Siever, and his mother
as Kraney SAX I'm guessing that a more accurate spelling of his mother's name
would be Krayne SAKS. Problem is that I can't find them in the U.S. Did
Samuel migrate, at age 10, with the Steinberg family? How did he get the
surname of SIEVER? In reviewing Alexander Beider's dictionary of Jewish
Surnames, I'm left wondering if the family name is Shefer. This spelling
was common in Izmail, which is again near Slavuta & Belagorodka. During
1901, Samuel & Nellie lived in St. Louis, MO. Were there Sievers in St.
Louis? Does anyone know of these family names in Omaha >from 1885 to 1910?

Thank you,
Steven R. Colson
Oakley, California

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